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About WinBridge In 2014, we started designing our own voice amplifier models. In 2015, WinBridge was registered in China, expanded in the US, and EU. At the same time, our first shop on Amazon was established. We sold thousands of voice amplifiers and compact PA systems. As years passed by, our sales grow and turned into millions. The rest is history. We’re very happy that our clients reach has grown massively, and we are now selling globally, including in Asia and other countries. WinBridge is a company brand that aims to connect teachers and students. Our voice amplifiers became the bridge to making a connection to each classroom while protecting the throats of teachers or speakers while speaking. Win-Win is our business spirit. We believe that if our teachers have a healthy vocal system, they will not put their health at risk while teaching, and their students will appreciate and love them more! WinBridge focuses on two major things: Teacher's vocal health. “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” —Confucius. We care on every teachers and their vocal health. Better inheritance of knowledge Human history of thousands of years, natural knowledge and human knowledge are very rich. The inheritance of human cultural knowledge starts on school education where teachers have a huge part imparting knowledge to students. “A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils”. —Ever Garrison. If teachers will always have an excellent vocal health, knowledge and wisdom can get a better inheritance. WinBridge cares like no other. Our commitment to excellence and utmost care brought us to where we are now. The voice that we use in our daily jobs and daily life is worth caring for. A healthy voice is an indicator of good health. That is why our voice amplifiers and PA systems are not just amplification devices. They are our shield and protection against voice fatigue, hoarseness, and discomfort. We will continue to serve and develop high-quality products to aid in your speaking and make your voice health our priority. Here at Winbridge, your voice is what we care for. Your Voice, We Care! That is the goal that drives us to this day...

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