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How Can a Voice Changer PA System Help Teachers in Class

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How Can a Voice Changer PA System Help Teachers in Class
In the current situation of the whole world, many people are now adapting to the new normal. Most countries, if not all, are now entering the school season, and with that, many schools or teachers are planning for a new way of teaching kids like online teaching or home studies. Still, some schools preferred old methods like classroom teaching with the implementation of social distancing.

Since some schools are now implementing social distancing, teachers now needed to talk louder than before. But talking loudly is stressful on people’s throat and may cause some illness. That is why some schools let their teachers use PA (public address) systems.


PA systems will help teachers nowadays in many ways. For example, if a teacher is very soft-spoken, PA systems will amplify their voice.
Your voice is one of the most effective tools which you have as an instructor. Think back of your favorite teachers at school-what was your heart winning about them? They know how to catch your attention, make the topic exciting, and inspires you to learn. Right?

As a teacher, you make or break a student’s day! Start with a happy greeting each day, or a bit of news or trivia that will catch your attention. Why not ask them to wake their brains up with a thought-provoking question? What you communicate to your class early on sets the tone for the day ahead. There are many ways in which you can use your voice as an effective teaching instrument.
What is a PA System?

A system called "Public Address" is anything that amplifies sound, so more people can hear it. A megaphone, or single microphone and speaker, maybe the most common example used to make someone's voice louder. Most PA systems are being used in music and schools these days too.
Better systems often add more items such as speakers for monitoring, devices for effects, graphic equalizers, etc. The main thing is not the number of issues, but how well each piece is produced and how well the system functions.

At Winbridge, we have a great collection of the portable PA system that can help a lot of teachers like our new product.


This amplifier is the LATEST PA system that comes with two Karaoke microphones doubled to address your crowd or class and works as an instrument amplifier. This system can be used up to 10 hours with one full charge of the battery.

Here are its main features:

  • It is equipped with detachable handles for users to carry it easily. The speakers for this system are a two 3,.5” woofer and two 1” tweeter that brings a crisp and clear amplified voice.
  • It has a Bluetooth capability, and a 3.5mm auxiliary jack can stream your music or videos on your phones, tablets, or laptops.
  • It also has an SD card slot, USB slot, which can play your stored MP3’s.
  • The UHF (ultra-high frequency) wireless microphone comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that can go up to 5 hours of use and 80 meters working distance with the speaker. With a simple touch of the buttons on the microphone, you can easily pair it with the speaker.
  • The Updated Bluetooth 5.0 Chip can cover up to 15 meters
  • Built with active noise cancelling & sound optimization
WinBridge T9 PA speaker system can be powered two ways: it has a battery if you are on the go, and it can be used while it is charging on a wall socket. The system comes with a remote control that can control the system from afar.

Why is WinBridge T9 different from other Bluetooth speaker/amplifier that you can find in the market today? Here are other features you can check!

Scene sound

  • Original sound
  • Professional sound
  • Popular sound
Voice changer
  • Female
  • Male
  • Child
Sound effect
  • Clapping
  • Cheers
  • Microphone
LED HD Display
  • Bluetooth connection prompt
  • Real-time battery alert
  • Mode switching tips
How Can Teachers Take Advantage of WinBridge T9 PA System?

Let us inspire pupils, promote academics, and engage visitors with newer, more advanced technology like the school PA system. We think it's time to give our students a whole new approach by making education more exciting than ever! With interactive displays progressively becoming more popular online learning!

However, nothing replaces face-to-face interaction, and with all large campuses or school, grounds requires a robust communication system. Thanks to the technological advances that allow us more flexibility than ever before, we can achieve that now!

The main purpose of the School PA system is to target large groups of students and teachers. Importantly, to relay an audio message of emergency to a wide number of people. Commonly, audio transmissions start with a microphone. The microphone is an important part of a PA system. Technically speaking, the sound is transformed by a microphone into an electrical signal transmitted to an amplifier and speaker.

Some advantages of a Teacher using PA system:

  • All students even in the back row will hear the teacher loud and clear
  • Improves student’s attention when the teacher is talking
  • Less stress on the teacher’s throat
  • Reduces vocal fatigue
  • Increases the effectiveness and efficiency of learning
  • Very easy to handle and carry around (if portable)
What are voice changers?

Voice changers or voice modulators are devices or software programs that can change the tone and format of an audio signal that comes from a microphone, in most cases. These professional devices can perform this task online, in real-time or in the processing of an already recorded audio file (WAV or MP3). Including sound effects that serve to mask a sound is popular for mic morphers.
Benefits of using a voice changer PA system:
1. Improves productivity.

You can talk and move around the room, without the microphone being held. It allows you to use your hands in hand gestures and illustration, or to do your style of teaching freely. It allows you to become productive in so many ways while engaging in an interactive teaching session at your class.
2. No gentle speech anymore.

You can adjust the volume of your voice accordingly. Teachers who are very soft-spoken find this their miracle or saving grace! You will finish your last class with the same strength of voice with voice amplifiers, without thinking about straining your vocal cords and scratching your throat.
3. Ideal for classes indoors and outdoors.

Because the voice amplifier can be carried or worn, you are flexible in having a class indoors or outdoors. Depending on the type or model of amplifier you 're going to get, you can enjoy your teaching session, and make sure you're heard from far away.
4. A mini-class PA system for presentations.

It is a useful device for extra-curricular activities that require music or microphone use. If you want to improve your success this year as a teacher, you need to invest in a very good amplifier for your voice. Not only will it benefit you in your career, but it will also benefit you to become safer as well.
5. Less boredom.

It lessens the boredom of children just listening to your story or teaching as they hear you every day. Using this device makes your teaching enjoyable and your students more focused. It will help them understand better what you are saying because there is a mix of education and fun in your lesson.
6. Class involvement and participation.

Teachers using classroom audio in the classroom note an improvement in student motivation and participation due to a more consistent understanding of what is expected.
Know, speaking, and teaching ability is truly a blessing. You will influence your students' hearts and lives by using your voice as an essential teaching device. Who knows what? You may be the one favorite instructor. They'll remember the coming years!


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