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10 Reasons Why You Should Get a PA System At Home

Posted by Bin Wang on
10 Reasons Why You Should Get a PA System At Home
We love the saying “There’s no place like home!”  True, isn’t it? When there are gatherings or reunions or simple get-togethers, we choose someone’s home as the venue. It’s always the most comfortable and convenient place to have fun and spend quality time with people close to our hearts.

When was the last time you had a house party? Of course, when we talk about parties, it isn’t complete without Music or Karaoke session, or dancing, and games. Because of this, we invest in a home sound system that can surely give life to house parties like birthdays, anniversary, special holidays, family and friend bondings, and other celebrations.

Nowadays, technology brought so many convenience and economical products that can serve a lot of purposes in our household. For example, Bluetooth speakers replaced those mini-speakers that we connect to computers. Since it can pair with devices that have Bluetooth function, it became very useful and essential for many.

Do you love SINGING? Karaoke session is now a house-party craze! If you still have that classic karaoke player at home, or the magic microphone that carries a memory card for the song bank, chances are, it may have gone outdated. Since the release of the smart tvs, internet dongles, and wireless microphones, there are audio equipment you can now purchase that are multi-functional and can be used as speaker, amplifier, karaoke system and wireless PA system all-in-one!


Here are 10 Reasons why you should upgrade and invest in this modern portable PA system:

1. You can save space at home.
Gone are the bulky, multiple and tall speakers at home. Most families prefer to get that one party box that can be easily transferred to any space in the house and do not require big spaces to set them up. If you are living in small apartments or condominium units, this PA system is perfect.


2. You can save money.
You don’t need to go to a KTV center to enjoy singing. With a PA system at home, you can have a karaoke session anytime in any part of the house! How is this possible? WinBridge has PA systems that work as an amplifier and Bluetooth speaker, which include wireless microphones. You can simply connect it to Youtube or to your smart tv, play the songs you stored in your USB flash drive or TF cards, and you can already enjoy singing with your family and friends. You don’t need to go out and spend money to enjoy it. You can do it all in the comfort of your home!

4. You can use it for many purposes.
Modern PA systems can be used in many activities. You can use it in your dance or singing classes, exercise, presentations, house parties, celebrations and many more! You can use it to connect your musical instruments. With its Bluetooth function, you can connect devices and do as much as you can.
4. It is a flexible gadget.
You can use it in indoor and outdoor activities. You don’t need to worry about plugging it into an electrical socket because the device is rechargeable and can last for a long time so you can use it almost the whole day. This, however, depends on the quality of the PA system you will get.

5. It has a lithium battery that charge for a short time but can perform for long hours.
Every WinBridge PA system boasts of high-quality lithium battery that can take up to 6 hours to fully charge and can last up to 10hours or more depending on the usage. Not all models have the same product specs but if you would like to see a comparison, we will give you a preview:

WinBridge H2


Product Specification: 

1. Output power: 30W 
2. Charging Voltage: DC 9V, 1.2A 
3. lithium battery: 7.4V 4000mAh 
4. Working time: with 50% volume 
5. Charging time: 5-6hours with half of volume
6. Product size: 343.5*252*136mm 
7. Unit weight: 7.9lb 
8. Frequency response :45Hz-20KHz 
9. Sound coverage: 3000㎡ 

Winbridge T10


Product Specification:

1. Output power: 60W
2. Charging Voltage: DC 15V, 2A
3. Lithium Battery: 12V *5000mAh (3PCS * series connection, then 2PCS * parallel connection)
4. Working time: with 50% volume
    6~8 hours (musical mode)
    8~10 hours (MIC mode)
5. Charging time: 6-7 hours
6. Product size: 37.1 * 21.5 * 27.3cm
7. Unit weight: 4KG / 5.6KG with package
8. Available color: Grey
9. Working temperature: -10℃~45℃
10. Frequency response: 30Hz~20KHz

7. It is an essential gadget during emergency cases.
You can never tell when an emergency will occur. PA systems can be used during these times as a power bank for smart phones and other small USB  gadgets. The radio function can serve as a means for communication and news updates that you need to know. The microphones can be used in many ways during an emergency situation.
7. It can be used as a Public Address System in any work or home setting.
Are you a business owner who needs a sound equipment in your mini or home office? Then this is a perfect deal! Use the PA system during your meetings, webinars, small talks, or any event where you need to speak or have sound system requirements.
8. It gives you the best value for money.
A high-quality PA system like what WinBridge offers can give you the best value for your money. Aside from its portability and durability, it is multi-functional and can even beat the high-end brands that are selling in the market.
9. It is a great alternative for technology products if you need an upgrade.
The full-packed features of a modern PA system is useful in many ways, so you don’t need to purchase separate gadgets. It is an all-in-one music equipment that helps you do your job well while combining leisure and pleasure without spending too much!
10. It suits anyone’s lifestyle.
Life is boring without music. Modern PA systems are the result of technology and bright ideas that give your life some excitement!


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