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WinBridge T10 - The Latest PA System in the Market

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WinBridge T10 - The Latest PA System in the Market
A speaker that can provide you with high-quality audio output is a must-have gadget. It can boost your joy as you listen to your favourite songs. It can make you feel the music you are listening to as if you were in the live performance of your favourite artists, DJs, K-pop groups, or bands. You can also use this speaker in many other ways you wanted especially in times of the Pandemic where face-to-face meetings or gatherings are not possible. 
People nowadays need gadgets that are important and essential for them, especially in their work, studies, and also entertainment. This speaker can be a very great help for daily use. It can provide you with what you need in terms of great audio.
What makes WinBridge T10 an essential speaker in times of the Pandemic? Let’s look at the unique features:
  • The speaker is a powerful PA speaker system that has a 60W output power which can provide loud sounds.


  • You can use the speaker for 8-10 hours because it has a large battery capacity that can give you up to 5000mAh.
  • The speaker is equipped with Bluetooth so it can be connected to your different devices such as your smartphones, DVD player, desktop, laptop, musical instrument, and laptop for you to play your audios. 
  • It can be used in big rooms whenever you want to dance or sing and upload them to your social media.
  • Two microphones can also be connected to the speaker.
  • It also has One Key Accompaniment Function which supports syncing karaoke accompaniment.
Click the picture for more information about WinBridge T10


Ways you can use WinBridge T10 speaker:
  • Vlogging
People these days find ways of earning money even they are at home, and vlogging is one it. They upload their videos on social media like Facebook and YouTube. They make videos according to what is the trend the most requested content by their subscribers and followers. But to have a good vlog, the audio quality is an essential factor. The words or sounds from their vlog must be clear for their audience to understand and hear what the vloggers are saying or the music they are playing. With the use of the WinBridge T10, good quality audio can be recorded with the use of the wireless microphones connected to the speaker. They can just put it near them where it can not be seen in the vlog because the microphone can receive with its ultra-high frequency (UHF) PA technology which has a transmission distance up to 35m. Vloggers can use the speaker to play their mp3s when they are dancing to give them quality audios which can boost them in performing.
  • Virtual Shows
The virtual show is a trend in social media at present. It can be live streaming, virtual concerts, game streaming, and many more. They can use the wireless microphone during their stream so there will be no more hassle in using wired microphones. And the microphone can also give them high-quality audio output for the watchers or viewers to understand clearly what is being said in the stream. Singers, especially in virtual concerts, can have their best performance with the use of WinBridge T10 because it is equipped with four-wheel drive speakers which gives a balance of high and low frequency.

  • Virtual Recordings
During the lockdown, due to the Pandemic, some recording artists, singers, and bands continue to make music even at their homes. WinBridge T10 is the best for them in recording their songs even at home. The speaker can give an audio output of the excellent quality to their recordings with the use of wireless microphones. They can also use the speaker in practising before recording. It will help them boost their performance even just in their practice. And because of the high-quality sound, the speaker can produce the songs they are recording will be very good and will be listened to by many and appreciate every sound from the song.

  • Voice-Over
Voice-overs are frequently done in radio, television production, film making, and other presentation. And as part of their jobs, they need a device to record their voices. WinBridge T10 can be their most helpful tool. Voice-over artists can record their lines or scripts very well. The audio quality of their voice-overs will be clear and have more impact on their listeners.

  • Business Presentation/Meetings
As mass gatherings are not allowed or possible during this Pandemic, online meetings, presentations, and webinars are commonly done by many. But for the other members in the meeting to understand clearly, the speaker or the host must have the Winbridge T10. With this speaker, their message will be delivered to the others loud and clear. As the seminar or meeting goes on, the speaker or presenter will also not have problems speaking. They will not get tired quickly, or their throat will no be stressed because they will not need to exert more force in speaking with the help of the speaker with its microphone. They will speak with their loud voices, or even softly then the speaker will do the job in giving their words to the audience.

  • Personal Entertainment
During the Pandemic, we tend to find ways to entertain ourselves to escape boredom at home. With the use of WinBridge T10, your favourite music can be played by connecting your smartphones or laptops via Bluetooth and has super mp3 decoding technology, and it supports USB. You can also have a sing-along with your family and friends at home because the speaker has a One Key Accompaniment Function which supports syncing of karaoke background.
WinBridge T10 is a handy speaker and can give you the best output that you will ever want a speaker to have. It can help you with your work, and even have entertainment for your family at home, especially during the quarantine.
If you want to have one of the WinBridge T10, click the picture below!


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